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featured image alt Java, The Carlos Way - Lesson 2

7 minute read

Welcome back to Java, the Carlos Way! I hope my first lesson got your feet wet and your curiosity piqued enough to want to come back and learn some more. Thi...

featured image alt Java, The Carlos Way - Lesson 1

5 minute read

Welcome to Java, the Carlos Way! Over the course of this series, I’m going to try to teach you Java in the easiest way possible. There’s a lot of content, so...

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Quick Tip

featured image alt How to Use the Wolfram Alpha API in Python

2 minute read

If you’re a Computer Scientist, Physicist, Mathematician, or just an analytical person that likes fast, accurate computation with a knowledge base that is un...

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Hot Take

featured image alt Exploring the New Microsoft Terminal

5 minute read

It’s officially summertime, and with that comes the hottest-anticipated programming product for Windows users: the Windows Terminal! In this post, I’ll be ru...

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Top 10

featured image alt 10 VSCode Extensions Every CS Student Needs

6 minute read

Are you a Computer Science student that’s just starting to kick off their interest for programming, or just downloaded VSCode because the code editor you wer...

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