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featured image alt How to Use the Wolfram Alpha API in Python

2 minute read

If you’re a Computer Scientist, Physicist, Mathematician, or just an analytical person that likes fast, accurate computation with a knowledge base that is un...

featured image alt Exploring the New Microsoft Terminal

5 minute read

It’s officially summertime, and with that comes the hottest-anticipated programming product for Windows users: the Windows Terminal! In this post, I’ll be ru...

featured image alt Java, The Carlos Way - Lesson 2

7 minute read

Welcome back to Java, the Carlos Way! I hope my first lesson got your feet wet and your curiosity piqued enough to want to come back and learn some more. Thi...

featured image alt 10 VSCode Extensions Every CS Student Needs

6 minute read

Are you a Computer Science student that’s just starting to kick off their interest for programming, or just downloaded VSCode because the code editor you wer...

featured image alt Java, The Carlos Way - Lesson 1

5 minute read

Welcome to Java, the Carlos Way! Over the course of this series, I’m going to try to teach you Java in the easiest way possible. There’s a lot of content, so...

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